Acoustic Guitar Protection - Guitar Sleeve

Guitar Sleeve acoustic guitar protection

Protect your beautiful acoustic guitar from knicks and scratches with the Guitar Sleeve - the finest fabricated acoustic guitar cover.

La Manga was founded in 1996, by developing a unique, niche product for the music business….the "Guitar Sleeve". This patented product has proven to be a strong aid for musicians all over the world. Known as "the finest fabricated guitar cover for acoustic guitars" the Guitar Sleeve's success continues to grow to new countries every year such as Japan, Germany and Spain. Through the years La Manga has successfully marketed it's Guitar Sleeve to many national distributors as well as directly to retail stores and the internet. Commonly used by many musicians today the Guitar Sleeve is considered to be the industry standard for protecting your guitar's finish, even during play.

New product development at La Manga continues and new products such as polishing kits and customized embroidered Guitar Sleeves are currently in the works. Please check with us soon as La Manga continues to expand it's product line.